Molecular Combing Solutions for Entire Genome Analysis

Single DNA molecule analysis & visualization technology

Genomic Vision is a molecular diagnostics company fulfilling unmet in disease management needs by developing and commercializing novel life sciences research tools and molecular genetic tests for:

Large genome rearrangements are known to play a significant role in the predisposition, onset and development of genetic disorders and cancer.

Genomic Vision’s Molecular Combing is a proprietary single DNA molecule analysis technology which provides an easy and accurate way to visualize large DNA rearrangements and can target specific sites at any position within the genome.

Molecular combing directly images patient DNA without fragmentation or amplification. It visualizes entire genes, flanking regions and adjacent genomic areas. The direct readout provides researchers and clinicians with unambiguous data on which to base their diagnosis. Molecular Combing is already used in the clinical setting to answer important questions regarding genomic rearrangements and their impact on human health:

Our mission is to create new standards in Oncogenetic and genetic disease testing for more efficient, individualized, predictive and preventive health care management.

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Genomic Vision’s breakthrough technology will change the way you analyze DNA.

FSHDCombing test is our new molecular genetic test for the Facio Scapulo Humeral Disease.